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Ideas for Food Blog Structure

In Food blog ideas, Misc., Ruminations on March 21, 2011 at 07:04
I am very inspired by Tiny Urban Kitchen's food blog. The whole blog has a sense of wonder to it, like a little kid in food wonderland who is discovering something new every day. But clearly, she also knows what she is talking about. The whole blog has a nice aesthetic to it and looks very put together. A lot of thought and effort has gone into this blog.

Some of the ideas for additional pages in the blog:
Restaurant Showdown: This page will contain links to all the different restaurants/eateries we have reviewed broken down according to different suburbs in Calgary. But really, it will contain links to summaries pitting each restaurant against each other. Haven't decided how to present this summary. Being an engineer (but not an engineering nerd), my first inclination to present this information in a table format.
Recipes: We all cook from time-to-time, especially for my Not-a-Dinner Parties. This page will be used to document the different recipes we have all given a whirl to show off our culinary skills.
Ranking Methodology: We explain our ranking methodology here which we will use to rate the best of the best. Haven't figured out the details yet, but I suspect it would look something like Table 1 below. I am trying to give an engineer flavour to the different levels but cannot think of any good ones right now. I will have to depend on Richard and Kent for that. There are six different levels to rank any of the categories. This might be an overkill, but no self-respecting engineer would leave it at five, in my opinion.
Table 1: Ranking matrix
This is just a rough draft of the rating methodology. I tried to nerd it up by trying to use some sort of mathematical series for assigning the numerical score, but 5 minutes on Wikipedia hurt my head. Why do I even pretend to be an engineer, I do not know.