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Long-cocked by Life

In Misc., Ruminations on March 24, 2011 at 23:03
Long-cocked by Vance

Today has been a rough day. Not only have I been up for 24 hrs straight, but I have also had to endure the travelling equivalent of waiting in an emergency room with a dislocated shoulder: waiting in an airport with a dying cell phone. To make matters worse, I seem to have misplaced both my Blackberry wall charger and the USB connector.

Hats off to you life: you have long-cocked me indeed. Well done, indeed.

Waiting in airports has to be the most dehumanizing and humiliating part of travelling. You don’t do anything, yet you are exhausted. You want to go out and explore the city, but you don’t cause it will be a royal pain in the ass to go back through security again. You are stuck in this nether world over which you have absolutely no control. Humans thrive on being able to dominate our environment and subject it to our will. Waiting in airports takes this need to control your environment away from you. Basically, you get long-cocked.

One way I exert my will on having to wait is to incessantly and obsessively check my BB. After 3 years of owing my BB, I finally understand the misnomer Crackberry. People wine and bitch and complain about how they don’t want to be connected 24/7 through a smart phone. I don’t understand these people. Who wouldn’t wanted to be connected 24/7? I fucking love it. Wouldn’t you want access to all the information in the world at your fingertips? Who doesn’t want to be able to be connected to every corner of the world through a device the size of your palm? I know I do.

In all honesty, I am addicted to my BB. I feel disconnected from the world and my friends if I don’t check it constantly. I suffer from withdrawal symptoms when I don’t have access to my email while traveling overseas. I constantly find myself feeling for the familiar bulge in my pocket to make sure I haven’t lost it. It is my lifeline in the field when I don’t have access to internet. The first thing I do when I wake up is check my email.

But, that is where I diverge from most people: why is this such a bad thing? Maybe some people don’t like being that connected. That’s fair. I have heard others complain that they don’t want to be receiving emails after work. There’s a simple solution to that: stop checking your work email after hours. If your boss expects that you should respond, then it’s time for you to have a conversation with him to set some boundaries and expectations right. Personally, it is part of my job to receive emails and phone calls on the weekend, so I don’t mind it at all. I guess I just like feeling important.

Another thing that I get constantly told by baby-boomers is the over-reliance on emails by Millennials. Apparently, phoning someone for information is a much better approach than sending an email. The problem with this is that most time the call goes to voicemail. So, in the time it takes me to call my voicemail, wait for my phone to connect, grind my teeth through the annoying welcome message, finally get to my message, and find out that the message is the click of someone hanging up, I am ready to pound someone’s face with the cell phone. If you had emailed me instead, I could have determined in 2 sec whether I needed to respond to that email right away or hit Delete.

So, next time you want to get a hold of me, don’t call me, just e-mail me. And make sure it is on the weekend. At 2 am.

Unless of course, it is an emergency. Then you are allowed to text me.